How Much Will it Cost to Ship Your Book?

How Much Will It Cost to Ship Your Book?If you are printing a book that you will need to ship to individuals, Amazon, or other sales channels, you’ll need to figure out much shipping costs are before you price your book, or trips to the post office might eat up all of your profit. Fortunately for authors and publishers, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is your best friend in saving you a lot of money on shipping. Since the beginning …

How Should You Price Your Book?

I agonized over how to price my book for a long time. In the end, I made a guess based on some basic math and my gut instinct, and landed on a price that has worked really well. However, there were some important things I didn’t take into consideration and in that respect, I got rather lucky. This post reviews some of the key factors you should take in to account when pricing your book.

Pay For Publishing Costs With Pre-Orders

Whether you are using print-on-demand or printing books yourself, it takes a substantial investment to wind up with a quality product. You can read about How to Budget here. One of the best ways to offset this cost is to get people to pre-order your book through a crowd-funding campaign. I raised $4200 through pre-orders which is what made it possible to get my book to print!

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: What’s the Best Fit for Your Book?

In my career as an author I have published two books – one years ago with Time Warner Books (a large publishing house) and more recently, I published a book by starting my own publishing company and using Amazon as my primary means of promoting and selling my book. In the first part of this article, I review my experience with traditional publishing. In the second half, I’ll review the pros and cons of self-publishing.